MPI has become the worldwide leader and innovator of wax-room solutions because we understand the importance of ROI. MPI offers the most sophisticated wax-injection machines in the industry, generating higher casting yields, more patterns per hour, and increased productivity and throughput.

In Our Customers’ Words

Over the years, we have found that the most credible way for us to demonstrate the benefits of our equipment (and ROI) is to invite our customers to share their experiences. Here is an example of one customer’s thoughts:

Since purchasing our new MPI SM55-25-18, our company has increased our throughput by more than 20%. This has been a real cost savings that I plan to turn into increased revenue. Both are going to have a significant positive impact on my bottom line. It will be inevitable that we replace other injectors with MPI units. Bruce Phipps has been telling me for a long time to upgrade my equipment; I wish I had listened sooner! It would have saved us a lot of money. Thank you to the entire MPI team for building the very best wax injector in the industry.

—Larry Veenker, Owner, Intermountain Precision

This is just one of many positive comments we have received from our customers. If you would like to read additional comments, click here.

Real-World Solutions

We have also found that sharing case studies and real-world stories about helping clients solve their specific wax-room challenges helps confirm the benefits of working with MPI. Here are links to several case studies that identify specific wax room problems and how we helped our client overcome them:

“MPI’s Real-World Demonstration Makes Foundry a Believer”
“MPI Technology Center Tackles Another Critical Wax-Room Challenge”
“MPI Technology Center Helps Client Solve Challenging Wax-Room Problems”
“MPI Tech Center Inspires Collaboration Between Client and Vendor”

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the wax-room challenges you are facing, MPI has, or can create, a cost-effective solution that will generate an ROI that will exceed your expectations. One of the most compelling ways for us to demonstrate how effective our machines are, is for you to experience it firsthand. We invite you to visit the MPI Technology Center at our world headquarters in New York where you can:

  • Watch a demo and see our machines in action
  • Test your dies and wax on our machines
  • See the possibilities that Automation offers
    … And so much more!

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