MPI 45 Series Automatic

Automatic, Horizontal C-Frame Wax Injector

MPI offers the most sophisticated wax injection systems in the industry, generating higher casting yields, more patterns per hour and increased productivity and throughput.  Our Smart Process Control provides real time monitoring and control of all injection parameters and feature an intuitive Windows based touch screen.

Our wax conditioning technology maintains a constant wax viscosity which produces consistent wax patterns and our quick change technology allows you to change dies in just 60 seconds – minimizing transition times and maximizing throughput. All MPI systems come with our world class technical support and training.

The MPI 45 incorporates the latest MPI systems technology in a compact, automated, cost-efficient unit, designed to increase throughput. Everything about this unit saves you time and money.

Check out how MPI’s Integrated Robotic Systems offer automated pattern processing from tool to tray, trimming, and coming soon, optical inspection. MPI’s Integrated Robotic Systems will dramatically improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency of your Wax-Room.

The MPI 45 is available in two sizes with clamping forces of 12 and 25 tons (10.7 and 22.3 metric tons)

Smart Controls™ OIT (Operator Interface Terminal)
The nerve center for process control. This intuitive interface monitors and controls injection and operational parameters. The result is an increase in the throughput.

The MPI 45 Series features:

• Injection Cylinder: 150 cu in (2.5 l)
• Nozzle: horizontal FlexNoz®
• 2-Axis nozzle positioner
• Wax conditioning reservoir with level control
• Wax reservoir refill valve
• Die mount holes
• Die core pull circuit
• Platen cooling: two platens
• Hydraulic pattern ejection
• Full sweep die spray system:
-four nozzles (10 in / 254 mm wide)
• Pattern removal conveyor

• 460V, 60Hz, 3ph (380V, 50Hz, 3ph)
• CE compliant
• Smart controls™
• 12” Touch Screen controlling:
-Full sweep die spray system
-Platen positions
-Injection cycle timer
-Pattern hold timer
-Pattern counter
-Spray counter
-Wax temperature control
-Platen temperature control
-4000 tool alpha-numeric recipe,
14 characters
-Die core pull sequencer

Removable Wax Reservoir and Docking Station

MPI’s new removable wax reservoir and docking station was designed for wax rooms with more than two waxes and will instantly reduce downtime while dramatically improving productivity.

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Smart Controls™ with Process Control

Real time graphical representation of pattern cycles compare wax flow and pressure data to predetermined baselines. Smart Control Adjustments are intelligently introduced if needed. This significantly reduces set up time.

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Smart System Process Controls

Standard Models

MPI 45-12 12 ton (10.7 MT) 30″ (762 mm) daylight
MPI 45-25 25 ton (22.3 MT) 35″ (889 mm) daylight