MPI 74-1500

High pressure metal mold wax injector with vacuum.

MPI’s jewelry injection equipment sets the standard for the jewelry industry. Utilizing high-pressure metal mold technology, our new rubber and metal mold wax injector has significant advantages over other injection techniques, which dramatically increase both the quality and quantity of your wax patterns. We offer an impressive list of standard features and a wide range of options are available. Our engineering support staff is prepared to help determine the configuration that will meet your needs and optimize your throughput.

Increase your pattern to pattern consistency.

The MPI 74-1500 is designed to produce accurate, repeatable wax patterns.
It utilizes high-pressure metal mold technology resulting in significant advantages over other injection techniques.

More Control:

Controls for wax temperature at resevoir and nozzle, injection pressure, cycle time, wax flow, easy to read and simple to adjust.


  • Compact self-contained unit
  • User-friendly front control panel
  • Precise control of wax temperature, pressure, flow and time
  • Controls both wax resevoir and nozzle temperatures
  • Mold is clamped externally to the machine- The mold is held against the nozzle pneumatically
  • High-pressure wax injection up to 1500 PSI (103 bar)
  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Can inject with or without vacuum
  • Vacuum chamber encloses mold and clamp

Machine Operation:

  • Clamp the mold with customer supplied clamp
  • Locate mold against the nozzle
  • Start the automatic cycle
    A. Using Vacuum – close the vacuum chamber which initiates the auto cycle
    B. Without Vacuum – push the start button