MPI 5X Crossover Injector

Our Latest and Most Versatile Injector Ever!

One of MPI’s most exciting developments is the 5X Crossover Injector. The 5X has all the performance capabilities of our standard injector, including Smart Controls™, but is the first one capable of injecting pattern wax, runner wax, soluble wax, and ceramic materials-all equally well. The 5X features rigid, direct in-line injection with Smart Purge. It is the first injector to truly allow for rapid and easy changeover from one material to another.

The 5X Crossover Injector utilizes a hot swappable reservoir system that allows for off-machine melting, preparing, and conditioning of materials. This means you can readily store full reservoirs, keeping them mixed. homogenous, and at proper temperature. The 5X comes in 25T, 50T, and 100T sizes and includes the same impressive range of options as all other MPI injectors.

5X Crossover Injector | MPI Systems

The MPI 5X features:

  • All the performance capabilities of our standard injector
  • One Injector (pattern, runner, soluble & ceramic)
  • Rigid, direct in-line injection with Smart Purge
  • Hot-swappable reservoir for easy material changeover
  • MPI Smart Controls™ for total process optimization
  • Available in 25T, 50T, and 100T sizes

Smart Controls™ with Process Control

Real time graphical representation of pattern cycles compare material flow and pressure data to predetermined baselines.
Adjustments are intelligently introduced if needed. This significantly reduces set up time.

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