Wax Injection Equipment

MPI offers the most sophisticated wax injection machines in the industry, generating higher casting yields, more patterns per hour and increased productivity and throughput.  Our Smart Process Control provides real time monitoring and control of all injection parameters and feature an intuitive Windows based touch screen. Our wax conditioning technology maintains a constant wax viscosity which produces consistent wax patterns and our quick change technology allows you to change dies in just 60 seconds – minimizing transition times and maximizing throughput. All MPI systems come with our world class technical support and training.


MPI 35 Series 4 Post

4 Post Wax Injector

MPI 55 Series C-Frame

C-Frame Wax Injector

MPI 55 Series Wax Injector C-Frame with Smart Controls | MPI Systems, Inc

MPI 55 IGT Industrial Gas Turbine

C-Frame Wax Injector

MPI 105-12 Dual Station

Semi-Automatic Two-Station
Wax Injector

105-12 Semi-Automatic Two-Station Wax Injector | MPI Systems Inc