Remote Support

MPI’s worldwide service network is available to provide you with technical support when needed. MPI’s team of technical experts is there to answer even the most technical of questions. MPI offers a wide range of services including phone technical support, remote machine monitoring and backup, networking and technical publications and drawings, and remote diagnostics.

Phone Support:

MPI’s Technical Support Center is ready to assist you with all your technical questions. It is staffed by highly knowledgeable technical experts with the resources necessary to help resolve even the most challenging issues. MPI’s specialists also have the ability to remotely access later model machines and help streamline the troubleshooting process, resulting in a faster and more accurate initial diagnosis.

Remote Monitoring/Back-up:

With the assistance of your IT provider, MPI can help you with remote monitoring of your machines as well as automated daily backups of the machines’ operations. This will allow you direct access to your machines from your desk or even from your home. For your convenience, MPI can set up e-mail notifications of machine usage, alerts, die changes, or any number of parameters. Additionally, MPI can provide machine-operation monitoring on your behalf. MPI will continuously monitor key parameters and notify you of any abnormalities or other metrics that are established together. Each machine/tooling parameter can be archived for safe storage on your company’s servers, or MPI can arrange a secure data backup.


MPI’s professional engineering staff will assist your IT provider in the installation of a wired or wireless wax room network to your company network architecture. This will allow you to collect key metrics on the performance of your equipment and processes. While there are many variables that may contribute to the yield rate of your foundry, process control begins in the wax room. MPI’s melters, conditions, presses, injectors, and automation equipment all contribute to quality and repeatable processes. A networked and monitored system assures the long-term stability of those processes.

Technical Publications and Drawings:

Each piece of equipment built by MPI includes an operator’s manual. Complete machine drawings, an illustrated parts catalog, and electrical schematics are available as optional items with new equipment and can also be purchased for equipment currently in service. MPI’s technical support center has the documents that correspond to your machine readily available to you.