Profit Through Innovation

There is more and more pressure in the investment casting industry today to decrease scrap, increase casting yields, and increase profits. Process improvements that are operator-dependent can only reduce variation so much. Automation allows operator-induced variation in your processes to be removed altogether. The resulting benefits are proven and undeniable. Up to 50% of all pattern defects are the result of operator handling. With automation, 100% of this variation is eliminated, which leads to a reduction in variation all through the downstream operations. Current MPI automation customers are experiencing:

  • Perfect assemblies 100% of the time
  • Reduced scrap by an average of 50%
  • Reduced cycle times by 50%
  • Increased yields by 20% or more
  • Increased throughput by an average of 50%
  • Increased productivity and profitability

Automated Injection Cell

Model 20-06

Model – 20-06 Automated Injection Cells

Automated Pattern Assembly Cell

Model 20-14

Model 20-14 – Automated Pattern Assembly Systems (APAS)

Automated Dual Turbo Wheel Wax Injector

Model 105T

Full-Scale Automation or Automate a Single Process

Many organizations have not investigated automation thoroughly because they think of automation in its full scale instead of looking at how automating a single process can produce tremendous results. By providing single automation solutions, MPI can work with you to evaluate each operation and create an automation plan that will work for you today and prepare you for the benefits of expanded automation in the future. MPI can create an affordable solution tailored to your specific needs that will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck and fastest ROI.

Smart System Process Controls

All MPI machines are equipped with Smart Controls, our state-of-the-art process control technology that utilizes user-friendly, Windows-based software with an intuitive touch-screen display. This technology eliminates the possibility of making an out-of-tolerance wax pattern. No one else even comes close. MPI Smart Systems are …

  • Simple to operate
  • Menu driven
  • Operator not required to be a robot programmer
  • Process control = consistency

Foundry Operations

Automation can have a dramatic effect on foundry productivity and profitability. The entire process begins in the wax room. Any problems that occur in the wax room will be felt at every stage of the process. Automation means that variations are not only removed from the wax process but also eliminated from your downstream operations as well. Nothing is more important than ensuring that you start the process with a perfect product.

Custom Automation Solutions for All Industries

While MPI has been automating some of the most complex processes in the investment casting industry for well over a decade, our expertise is not limited to a specific industry or type of product. MPI’s automation team can engineer a custom automation solution that is just right for your organization.