The Investment Casting Institute is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to promote quality standards, collect and disseminate information about the industry, and provide industry education opportunities to members.

The EICF is the Federation of European Investment Foundries and Suppliers to the Industry. The Federation’s objectives are to publicise the advantages of the Investment Casting as a precision manufacturing process and to improve the process capability through the sponsorship of research and development.

JFS (Japan Foundry Society)

The Japan Foundry Society, Inc. integrated three casting organizations, namely, the Japan Cast Iron Foundry Association, the Japan High Grade Cast Iron Association and the Japan Association of Casting Technology in July 2005, and integrated the Japan Non-Ferrous Alloy Casting Association in July 2009, and was established as core of the casting industry in name and in reality, to enhance the quality of castings and promote the casting industry, thereby contributing to the development of the Japanese economy and upgrading the livelihood of its people. To accomplish these objectives, the Society engages in studies and research, human resources development, the promotion of industrial safety and health, environmental conservation measures, training programs, the sponsoring of seminars and lecture and interchange and cooperation with casting-related organizations; both inside and outside Japan.