MPI 96 Series

Wax Pump for Central Transfer System

Finally, a pump designed for wax transfer

The MPI 96 series wax pumps are available for direct connection to your wax transfer system. It can be supplied for a low-pressure (pneumatic) or high-pressure (hydraulic) transfer systems.

Pneumatically or Hydraulically Driven Pumps
A pump perfectly suited for your application
Pneumatic Pump, 200 PSI (14 bar) – ideal for closed loop or deadhead wax transfer.

Hydraulic Pump, 700 PSI (49 bar) – ideal for closed loop, long distance wax transfer (e.g., your entire wax room)

Two Single-Acting 42 cu. in. (0.7 l) Per Stroke Wax Pumps
Reduced maintenance
Two pumps alternate for continuous wax flow. Single-acting design eliminates wax rod seals, the highest point of wear on common double acting pumps.

Easy Seal Replacement
MPI’s unique design: no downtime
Replace piston seals while one pump remains in operation; one pump continues to run at half volume (select pump 1, pump 2, or both)

Low-Maintenance Wax Valves
No seals
Check valves are hardened metal-to-metal for long life.

MPI’s design team can supply a wax transfer solution suited to your specific application. Systems can be supplied from individual wax melters at each machine being fed by a central vacuum transfer system to rigid central wax transfer systems. Contact our sales department for more information.