MPI 11-3

Add Paste Injection to any wax injector

Improve the process control of your existing wax injection machine. This converts any injection machine from liquid to paste, increases wax pattern productivity an average of 100%.

  • Upgrade your injector to MPI’s PASTE WAX INJECTION SYSTEM
  • Accurately controls wax temperature for unsurpassed pattern quality
  • A cost-effective alternative to replacing your entire machine
  • Converts both C-Frame and 4-Post Injectors
MPI 11-3 liquid to paste injector converter

MPI’s Paste Injection System

  • Wax Conditioning unit accurately conditions wax to any viscosity from liquid to paste
  • The most accurate wax temperature control available on the market (±2°F ±1°C )

Interfaces to the controls of the existing machine

  • Adapts to any hydraulic system

Injection Cylinder Capacities

  • 150 in.3 (2.5l) single shot capacity
  • 400 in.3 (6.5l) single shot capacity
  • 1130 in.3 (18.5l) single shot capacity


  • Wax refill valve
  • Wax melter, machine mounted
  • Wax melter with vacuum pellet loader, machine mounted
  • Nozzle Positioner and Flex Noz® Injection Nozzle

Removable Wax Reservoir and Docking Station

MPI’s new removable wax reservoir and docking station was designed for wax rooms with more than two waxes and will instantly reduce downtime while dramatically improving productivity.

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