Technology Center

Real-Word Wax-Room Solutions

“The MPI Technology Center is the centerpiece of our manufacturing facility. It is where engineering, innovation and research and development intersect to create solutions to wax-room problems, regardless of how challenging they may appear.”

– Aaron Phipps, Vice President Manufacturing & Engineering

Located at MPI’s world headquarters in New York, the Technology Center is a hub of innovation, ingenuity and problem-solving. Customers and suppliers alike visit this state-of-the-art facility to discover new ways to solve their unique wax-room challenges and to experience MPI’s industry-leading equipment first-hand.

The MPI Technology Center is a state-of-the-art wax room where customers can observe a totally automated facility in full operation, including automated injection and automated assembly. The wax room is also equipped with a variety of MPI’s world-leading wax injectors of various models and configurations. The Technology Center was designed to allow customers to experience first-hand the quality of the machines as well as the quality of the parts that MPI equipment can produce, all of which impacts their bottom line.