MPI 11-R2

Stand-Alone Paste Wax Injector

Upgrade to Paste!

  • Converts your existing injector to MPI’s PASTE WAX SYSTEM
  • A Cost-effective alternative to replacing your entire machine
  • Accurately controls all injection parameters for unsurpassed pattern quality
MPI 11-R2 injector liquid to paste converter | MPI Systems, Inc.

MPI controls it all
All injection parameters, that is.
Unit controls wax temparature, wax flow, wax pressure, injection cycle time and purge/refill.

Three Injection Cylinder Sizes
Available with 150, 400, or 1130 cu. in.
(2.5l, 6.5l, or 18.5l) injection cylinders.

Accurate 5-zone temperature control
For maintaining constant, accurate temperature throughout the system.

Flex-Hose with Thermocouple
Supplied with 6′ (1.8m) heated wax hose (additional lengths available)

High Flow Flex-Noz Injection Nozzle
Flexible Injection
– Precise temperature control
– Horizontal parting line injection

X-Y Nozzle Positioner
Total alignment
10″ (25.4cm) travel for nozzle-to-die alignment (motor driven)

Wax-Conditioning Reservoir
One resevoir does it all: Accurately conditions wax to any viscosity from liquid to paste (fastest cycle times with paste wax), providing consistency from pattern to pattern regardless of input wax temperature. Capable of rapid temperature changes 1°F in 3 min. (1°C in 6 min.), achieving each die’s quickest cycle time.

Wax Reservoir Level Control
For automatic refill of the wax reservoir from a liquid wax source.

Utilize your press while upgrading to paste wax injection
Adaptable to any type of clamping unit with minimum hydraulic specifications of 2000 PSI @ 4 GPM (137.9 bar @ 15.14 lpm)

Removable Wax Reservoir and Docking Station

MPI’s new removable wax reservoir and docking station was designed for wax rooms with more than two waxes and will instantly reduce downtime while dramatically improving productivity.

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