Process Vision Graphing Unit

MPI 20-20 Process Vision Graphing Unit

For the first time in the industry, there exists a product that can duplicate and transfer the injection process from one wax injector to another by eliminating the injector’s personality. MPI’s Model 20-20 is a portable wax injection graphing unit that measures, records, and displays wax temperature, wax flow, and wax pressure, allowing you to achieve press-to-press pattern repeatability. Once you verify that your process is within your control limits and the parameters for a good pattern are captured, the “recipe” can be used to quickly set-up the next run… on any wax injector, with predictable quality results.

MPI 20-20 Process Vision Graphing Unit | MPI Systems Inc

20-20 Base Unit Features

  • Quick setup from injector to injector
  • 12” Color touch screen technology
  • Easy to use menus supplied in 5+ languages
  • Internal data storage for quick retrieval
  • Stores 4,000 injections
  • Network ready
  • Machine calibration

Wax Temperature Sensing

  • Quick connect to injection nozzle of the injector
  • Senses wax temperature at the nozzle tip as it enters the wax die
  • Real-time graphing

Wax Flow and Pressure Sensing

  • Quick connect to the injection cylinder hydraulics for sensing wax flow and wax pressure
  • Real-time graphing


  • Connect to all brands of hydraulic wax injectors (including programmable injection)

Wax Pressure Calibration Unit

  • Senses wax pressure at the nozzle