Automated Pattern Assembly Systems (APAS)

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The Revolutionary Automated Pattern Assembly Systems (APAS).

Model 20-14 – Automated Pattern Assembly Systems (APAS)

The Model 20-14 is part of our intuitive Automated Pattern Assembly Systems and incorporates significant technological advancements as well as ten years of customer feedback. Every aspect of the system is more robust and capable than its predecessor. The 20-14 allows you the flexibility to perform high-quality, precision robotic assemblies from the simplest commercial jobs to complex multipiece wax assemblies required by the medical and aerospace industries, including single crystal turbine blades.

  • Built on MPI’s patented wax welding process
  • Versatile 6-axis robots that can easily handle larger, complex, multiplane, multipart assemblies
  • Large pattern loading station with increased pattern capacity
  • Large, robust runner station ergonomically designed for easy loading and unloading
  • Intuitive Smart Controls™ to ensure consistent results with virtually no supervision
  • Robot programmer is not required—operator can be trained in one day.
  • Automated tool change allows for job changeover in less than a minute.
  • Automatic Tool ID System allows wax assembly “recipes” to be automatically entered into the system to ensure that the proper robotic tools, wax runner, and wax patterns are loaded for the job.
  • Standalone system that can be integrated into a fully automated wax room.

Automate Your Way to Increased Profitability

Automation has proven time and again that a robotics-based machine outperforms manually created assemblies in accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency.

Our automation partners experience:

  • Increased casting yields by up to 30%
  • Perfect assemblies 100% of the time
  • Cycle times 2–5x faster
  • Reduced scrap by an average of 50%
  • Fragile assemblies are no problem.
  • Round-the-clock productivity
  • Relentless quality and consistency

Ask About Our Free Wax-Room Evaluation and ROI Analysis.

The team at MPI offers a free wax-room evaluation. MPI engineers will tour your facility and perform an exhaustive review of your current process and help you to understand what type of return on investment (ROI) you may expect to experience as a result of increased performance and cost savings. MPI can also perform an APAS demonstration at MPI’s world headquarters in Poughkeepsie, New York, where you can see firsthand how the APAS can continuously produce high-volume, consistent, repeatable, accurate, high-quality wax assemblies.

Total Control at Your Fingertips

All automated pattern assembly systems are equipped with MPI’s intuitive Smart System Process Controls, which allow you to monitor all aspects of the system during operation. The controls are also the access point to all other critical data and machine functions.

Main Operator Interface Terminal (OIT)

The work area in the center of the Data Monitor window includes interactive OIT touch screen buttons that allow you to instantly monitor the process without ever having to access the robot controller:

  • Robot status
  • Tool station status
  • Knife cleaning data
  • Weld data
  • Active weld data
  • Pattern data

Weld Data Window

The simple intuitive controls enable an average operator to optimize weld parameters. Screen data provides all the variables for optimizing the welding parameters for all welds independently. Screen data includes:

  • Runner type graphic updates to match the runner selected
  • Weld position graphic displays the current position on the runner that is to be welded next
  • Independent presets for all welds
  • Weld data for optimizing the weld without the use of the robot teach pendant

Temperature Data

Accurate PID temperature control that results in precision repeatable welds.

Tools stand temperature control preheat station that eliminates hot knife preheat time from part-to-part changeovers.

  • Temperature set back
  • Tools stand temperature
  • Robot temperature
  • Knife clean temperature
  • Energy saving mode

Standard Equipment:

  • Intuitive Smart Controls™
    – 12″ color operator interface terminal (Windows environment)
  • Automatic tool loading station with hot knife preheat
  • 2-Position pattern loading station (rotary table) for easy pattern loading
  • Runner loading station that accepts any type of wax assembly
    – 2-Sided runner
    – Round runner
    – Single-plane runner
    – and more…
  • Ergonomic runner loading
  • Quick change tooling
  • Gripper and vacuum pattern pickup circuits
  • Automatic tool identification system (bar code scanning of tooling to verify machine has been setup correctly)
  • Network ready

Optional Equipment:

  • Tool storage cabinet
  • Automatic recipe loading from bar code scan of job traveler
  • Automatic runner ID vision system
  • Vertical runner station with rotation