“MPI ceramic injectors are manufactured in a clever way, they are reliable and sophisticated.”

–Jiří Sedláček, LANIK Ltd.



“Great company.”

–Bill Jordan, Bimac



“MPI’s Service department is always ready & willing to help with any issues which may arise, even with the oldest of equipment. Thank you.”

–John Gilliland, Lamothermic Corp.



“Purchasing our 4th MPI press in 2 years, we are very happy with their performance. We will be looking at automation possibilities in the future.”

–Ed Hazlewood, Selmet, Inc.



“We are very happy with all of our MPI equipment.”

–Jeff Milucky, Dameron Alloy Foundries



“Thank you for the recent installation of our new model 105-12 wax injector. As you both probably know we had an issue with the chiller not coming on line as it should due to a mechanical issue from its manufacturer. This issue has been resolved and the chiller seems to be running fine right now. Wojciech did a great job in working around the chiller issues and we really appreciate his attention to detail while he was here.  I am excited to have this new injector and am a big fan of MPI.”

–John Pulaski, BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.



“Just following up to let you know that we are very satisfied with our new wax machines. Our cycle times have been significantly reduced and the pattern quality and dimensional consistency is incredible.

The machines are very well designed and built. One of the features that everyone likes is the wax loader, melter, and conditioning features. Talk about set it and forget it, this machine does it all.

Our entire team from top management to machine operators is very happy that we made the investment. We would recommend MPI products to anyone in the industry.”

–Javier Treto, Aerotec Alloys



“Stuart was great. The commissioning of the new MPI 105 went flawlessly as did the PM on our existing machines. He also provided us with some excellent suggestions that were very helpful and informative as it relates to our relocation to the new Wax Room. Please be sure to reiterate our thanks and appreciation to him and tell Rob thank you also.”

–Scott Stevens, General Manager, AMT, Inc.



“I would like to thank the MPI staff for the hospitality shown to myself and the Eagle Precision team during our recent training visit.

We greatly enjoyed seeing your facility and meeting the MPI team. Each of us found the training useful and have already seen benefits from the classes as we work to solve problems on existing jobs and set up new jobs in our wax department.

Our compliments go to Steve for the excellent job that he did during the training. All of my staff felt very comfortable interacting with him. He did a very nice job training in the classroom and then helping us apply that information on the press located in your production area. His hands-on experience and amount of time that he has spent in “our world” makes him a very effective and valuable teacher/trainer.

We would recommend operator training to anyone looking to improve their wax room processes.”

–Debbie Pipoly, General Manager, Eagle Precision Cast Parts



“I want to take the time to say thank you for the training, service work, patience and professionalism exhibited during your time here at ESCO Guaymas. I am looking forward to the product quality improvements I expect from the wax injection machines performing at a better level and in better control with use of the 20-20. I received many compliments on your work ethic and training methods. The maintenance personnel were very complimentary of your ability to take the “time fear” away from the repairs and showing them methods of completing the repairs easily and correctly.

Our team members who completed the 20-20 training feel confident the time they spent training on the unit will improve our injection quality and reduce the post injection time of cleaning patterns. One comment I heard demonstrated the interest in additional training since they felt we have a lot to learn that can improve production.

Your training has made our team more knowledgeable on the proper machine function and has made them more comfortable in problem solving in other areas of the wax room.”

–Tim McGinnis, ESCO Turbine Technologies, México



“Since purchasing our new MPI SM55-25-18, our company has increased our throughput by more than 20%. This has been a real cost savings that I plan to turn into increased revenue. Both are going to have a significant positive impact on my bottom line. It will be inevitable that we replace other injectors with MPI units. Bruce Phipps has been telling me for a long time to upgrade my equipment; I wish I had listened sooner! It would have saved us a lot of money. Thank you to the entire MPI team for building the very best wax injector in the industry.”

–Larry Veenker, Owner, Intermountain Precision



“In 2014 we purchased a new wax injection machine and it has been a game changer for us. Previously we had purchased a model that had fewer bells and whistles that helped us get closer to our “A” game. When our production manager and I traveled to New York to visit your facility, it was discussed that we could purchase the equipment necessary to upgrade our older unit to be closer in nature to our new unit. We are at the point where we are ready to make this upgrade.”

–Todd Veenker, Intermountain Precision



“To whom it may concern. Our machine is now commissioned. I just want to put in a good word for Wojciech Bledowski (Field service engineer). He was on-time, professional, knowledgeable about everything, and helpful in every aspect. A good customer advocate. It’s not often we get to deal with such high caliber people. Thank you”

–Tim Finney, Invecast



“It’s one of the best decisions we made this year! Our team has gained a lot of insight and hands-on experience from the courses. Thank you very much for helping us set everything up. Ihar is an excellent teacher and we were very pleased with his teaching methods and passion for the subject, both theoretical and practical. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, MPI has an exceptional team!!”

–Snjezana Palavra, Mold Masters Intl.



Source: ICI 12th World Conference Presentation

“The implementation of the APAS has provided more patterns per runner with increased pattern placement accuracy. This gives us a more uniform shell that equals a more consistent metal pour, which adds up to higher casting yields. We have experienced up to a 100% increase in yield per assembly and this yield flows down stream to increases in shelling and pouring.”

–Adam Kuper, Pine Tree Castings



Source: ICI 12th World Conference Presentation
“Achieving good process control requires high expectations. Don’t settle for less.”

–Cliff Fischer, Wisconsin Precision Casting Corporation


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