MPI 105-12 Dual Station

Semi-Automatic Two-Station Wax Injector

MPI offers the most sophisticated wax injection systems in the industry, generating higher casting yields, more patterns per hour, and increased productivity and throughput. Our wax-conditioning technology maintains a constant wax viscosity which produces consistent wax patterns, and our quick-change technology allows you to change dies in just 60 seconds, thereby minimizing transition times and maximizing throughput. All MPI systems come with our world-class technical support and training.

Innovative engineering that doubles your output, doubles your productivity


Two-Station Wax Injector
Two 12-ton clamping units on a single frame, utilizing common wax conditioning, electrical and hydraulic systems. Independent wax flow control, wax pressure control and cycle time provide each unit with the ability to create quality wax patterns independent of each other.

One or Two Operators
When injection cycle time exceeds pattern removal time, one operator can easily run both stations (two dies). This doubles your operator’s efficiency.


Vertical Nozzle (optional)
Up or down nozzle replaces standard horizontal nozzle.

Hydraulic Pattern Ejection (optional)
Controlled pattern ejection is integrated into the lower stationary platen.

Pneumatic Die Core Pulls (optional)
Automatic sequencing of the die core pulls allow full automation of the die, saving time, and increasing

Quick Change Die Clamping (optional)
Simple, one minute, die mounting with rapid hydraulic clamping of the die to the platens. Nozzle to die alignment is achieved at the same time.

Manual Platen Guard (optional)
Exceeds CE requirements. The guard must be closed in order to activate auto cycle clamp and injection.

Two Platen Cooling (optional)
Superior die temperature control. Each platen is separately controlled.

The MPI 105-12 features:

  • 12 ton clamp force
  • Two injection cylinders:
    75 cu. in. (1.2 liter)
  • Two nozzles: horizontal FlexNoz®
  • Two 2-axis nozzle positioner
  • Wax-conditioning Reservoir with level control
  • Accurate 5-zone Wax Temperature Control
  • Two sliding spool wax valves
  • Two injection cycle timers
  • Two pattern hold timers
  • Two die guide strips
  • CE conformity