Automated Sticky Wax Assembly System

For Job-Shop Foundries

Designed for low-volume, high part diversity and changeover demands

The Automated Sticky Wax Assembly System was designed for commercial foundries where there is a low-volume, high part diversity and those with high changeover demands. Previously, a unique hot knife, gripper, and runner was required for each part making it impractical for lower-volume, high-changeover jobs.

MPI SA20-12-02 Automated Sticky Wax Assembly System

This new adaptable system eliminates the need for a unique hot knife and gripper allows the robot to dip each part in sticky wax and weld them with the same degree of accuracy, orientation, and precision as our standard APAS. The flexibility of the gripper allows it to pick up many distinct types of parts. Parts can be changed with a simple programming change. Finally, you can now achieve the same high degree of precision, high-yields, and low-scrap levels with this fast, versatile, high-changeover solution.

20-12 Advantages

  • Smaller Profile and Footprint than standard APAS
  • Precision, high yield, low scrap
  • Fast and versatile for high-changeover applications
  • Parts can be changed with a simple programming change
  • Priced significantly lower than standard APAS
  • Additional tooling requires no additional investment

Sticky Wax Welding Advantages

  • Fast
  • Lower-cost
  • Perfect welds
  • Universal robot tooling
  • Perfect for commercial foundries
  • No rework required
MPI Sticky Wax Advantages

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