Automated Sticky Wax Assembly System Featuring Our NEW Try Before Your Buy Program

For Job-Shop Foundries

Designed for low-volume, high part diversity and changeover demands

The Automated Sticky Wax Assembly System was designed for commercial foundries where there is a low-volume, high part diversity and those with high changeover demands. Previously, a unique hot knife, gripper, and runner was required for each part making it impractical for lower-volume, high-changeover jobs.

Automated Sticky Wax Assembly System

This new adaptable system eliminates the need for a unique hot knife and gripper allows the robot to dip each part in sticky wax and weld them with the same degree of accuracy, orientation, and precision as our standard APAS. The flexibility of the gripper allows it to pick up many distinct types of parts. Parts can be changed with a simple programming change. Finally, you can now achieve the same high degree of precision, high-yields, and low-scrap levels with this fast, versatile, high-changeover solution.

SA20-12 Advantages

  • Smaller Profile and Footprint than standard APAS
  • Precision, high yield, low scrap
  • Fast and versatile for high-changeover applications
  • Parts can be changed with a simple programming change
  • Priced significantly lower than standard APAS
  • Additional tooling requires no additional investment

Sticky Wax Welding Advantages

  • Fast
  • Lower-cost
  • Perfect welds
  • Universal robot tooling
  • Perfect for commercial foundries
  • No rework required
MPI Sticky Wax Advantages

Seeing is believing!

To see this amazing machine in action, click here to watch our Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine demo video.

Try Before You Buy

Introducing MPI Systems’ NEW Try Before You Buy Program for the revolutionary Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine!

We’re thrilled to offer you this exclusive opportunity to experience the features and benefits Sticky Wax Automated Assembly machine’s incredible capabilities through our Try Before You Buy Program.

We believe in the power of the Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine so much that we are offering our exclusive Try Before You Buy Program. We want you to experience the benefits of this machine firsthand, using your own parts. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Model Verification

Simply send us the models of your part, runner, and assembly. Our expert team at MPI will meticulously verify if your part is a perfect fit for the Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine. We want to ensure that our technology seamlessly integrates with your specific requirements.

Step 2: Testing Phase

Once the model verification is complete, you can send us a quantity of parts for testing. Alternatively, you have the option to provide a die for us to inject parts. This allows you to witness firsthand how the Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine performs with your specific components. Additionally, we encourage you to send a quantity of your runners for testing purposes. If preferred, we can also weld your parts to MPI runners, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of our technology.

Step 3: Visit MPI Systems

For an immersive experience, we invite you to visit our state-of-the-art facility at MPI Systems in Poughkeepsie, New York. Witness how quickly a new part can be set up and witness the efficiency of the Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine in action. Our team will guide you through the process and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Step 4: Optional Trial at Your Site

To further ensure your confidence in our product, we offer an optional opportunity. If you cover the shipping costs, we will gladly ship an Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine to your site. You’ll have up to 45 days for a comprehensive “try before you buy” trial. This allows you to experience the transformative power of the machine within the comfort of your own facility.

By participating in our Try Before You Buy Program, you gain the advantage of testing the Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine in your unique production environment. You can evaluate its compatibility, efficiency, and impact on your overall operations, ensuring a well-informed decision for your business.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your assembly line with the Automated Sticky Wax Assembly machine. Contact our sales team today to learn more about our Try Before You Buy Program and embark on a transformative journey toward increased efficiency, reduced costs, and unmatched precision. Try before you buy and experience the future of assembly with MPI Systems!

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