2023 HIGHLIGHTS – So Much is Happening at MPI

Posted on January 24, 2023 at 7:18 pm

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So Much is Happening at MPI

For 50 years, MPI has established itself as the worldwide leader in wax-room innovation. Every year MPI introduces new technology or substantial improvements to their current product line.

Our Latest and Most Versatile Injector Ever – the 5X Crossover

One of the most exciting developments is the 5X Crossover Injector. The 5X has all the performance capabilities of our standard injector including Smart Controls but is the first one capable of injecting pattern wax, runner wax, soluble wax, and ceramic materials; all equally well. The 5X features rigid, direct in-line injection with Smart Purge. It is the first injector to truly allow for rapid and easy changeover from one material to another in only 15 minutes. It utilizes a hot swappable reservoir system that allows for off-machine melting, preparing, and conditioning of materials. This means you can readily store full reservoirs keeping them mixed, homogenous, and at proper temperature. The 5X comes in 25T, 50T and 100T sizes and includes the same impressive range of options as all other MPI injectors.

5X with correct lable - MPI News

Automated Sticky Wax Assembly for Job-Shop Foundries

MPI is proud to introduce a sticky wax version of their 20-14 Automated Pattern Assembly System (APAS). This new unit, model 20-12 was designed for commercial foundries where there is a low-volume, high part diversity and those with high changeover demands. Previously, a unique hot knife, gripper, and runner was required for each part making it impractical for lower-volume, high-changeover jobs. This new adaptable system eliminates the need for a unique hot knife and gripper allows the robot to dip each part in sticky wax and weld them with the same degree of accuracy, orientation, and precision as our standard APAS. The flexibility of the gripper allows it to pick up many distinct types of parts. Parts can be changed with a simple programming change. There are many advantages to this new unit. It has a smaller profile and footprint than our standard APAS. Additionally, the unit is priced significantly lower than a standard APAS and doesn’t require the investment in additional tooling. Finally, you can now achieve the same high degree of precision, high-yields, and low-scrap levels with this fast, versatile, high-changeover solution.

MPI SA20-12-02

An Industry First – Soluble Wax Melter

MPI’s new soluble wax-melter is unique to the industry. It is the first melter specifically designed to melt soluble wax into a reservoir. Because of the unique properties of soluble wax, until now, there has not been an efficient way to prepare soluble wax in a traditional melter. MPI has devised a way to melt and deliver soluble wax into the reservoir using a precision melting methodology. On-injector melting of soluble wax has been a challenge for many years. MPI listened and has developed an effective, affordable solution.

MPI 97-50-S Soluble Wax Melter

Changing Wax in 15 Minutes – Removable Reservoir/Docking Station

MPI’s removable reservoir was designed for wax rooms with more than one wax and will instantly reduce downtime while dramatically improving productivity. This hot-swappable system allows you to condition multiple waxes simultaneously. To change waxes, simply remove the reservoir on the wax injection machine and replace it with another reservoir which has wax that is fully conditioned on the docking station. The entire process takes no more than 15 minutes. The original wax will then be connected to the docking station where the wax will continue to be melted, stirred, conditioned, and maintained at the right temperature. This means that with only one injector, you can continuously melt and condition multiple waxes offline until that wax is needed. It also ensures you always have the right wax for the job within minutes. You can utilize as many reservoirs and docking stations as you require.

3-Robot Automated Pattern Assembly System for Complex Assemblies

MPI recently introduced a 3-robot Automated Pattern Assembly System (APAS) designed for highly complex assemblies such as those required by the aerospace industry. The third robot can take the runner assembly and move it to whatever angle is required to make a perfect weld – even when assemblies are non-planar. The robot can rotate the runner so both vertical and horizontal welds can be made effortlessly. This is another major stride for MPI automation and their ability to address the customers’ wax-room demands. 

If you would like to learn more about MPI’s new offerings and how your foundry can directly benefit from MPI’s new and enhanced products, please give us a call. We’ll walk through your process with you and show you where you could experience gains and returns. We invite you to tour our Technology Center at our world headquarters in New York to witness how these machines and enhancements operate in order to see the possibilities firsthand or contact us directly at sales@mpi-systems.com or mpi-systems.com to learn all about what’s new at MPI.