MPI Announces Refurbishment Program to Restore Machines to Original Specifications

Posted on March 12, 2019 at 10:01 pm

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As the worldwide leader in wax-room equipment, MPI has been installing and servicing machines in the field for over 45 years — machines built so well that they continue to perform and maintain their value all these years later. However, even the best machines eventually need more than traditional maintenance to perform at the highest levels.
MPI now has a fully operational refurbishment program that brings these machines back to their original performance specifications, allowing for maximum productivity. The MPI Refurbishment Center was created to take legacy MPI equipment and make it perform the way it did when it was first purchased. This program is not only ideal for equipment in need of service but also for nonfunctioning machines that do not currently generate revenue.
Get started by submitting pictures of the machine and its serial number. MPI will then offer a general idea of what may be required to refurbish the equipment back to its original specifications. MPI’s advantage is that it has maintained a detailed history of every machine shipped, which provides the information needed for a head start.
The pricing to refurbish an older machine is very cost effective, and inoperable machines can immediately start generating revenue again,” said Mark Haas, V.P. Global Sales & Service. “But it’s important that customers trust their MPI refurbishment to MPI, the original manufacturer. We know the machine inside and out and understand what it will take to get it back to its original form.

Standard or custom service agreements are available to help ensure that the equipment, once back in service, operates at optimum levels for at least another 20 years. Here is a quote from a satisfied customer who has already taken advantage of the refurbishment program:

I sent machines to MPI that were not functional, and which had been cannibalized over the years. I got back machines that worked like the day they were built. MPI went above and beyond getting this done, and it was worth every penny.
Jesse Baden, President
API-Trucast, Inc.

The MPI refurbishment program is an example of why MPI is a one-stop shop. Whether customers need new, state-of-the-art injection equipment, wants to fully automate their wax-room injection and assembly or need to have a 30-year-old press refurbished, MPI has them covered.
Customers looking to regain the durability, dependability and performance of their MPI wax injector can contact the MPI Sales Department to speak with a refurbishment consultant.