MPI Announces Exciting New Developments at 2018 ICI Technical Conference

Posted on December 6, 2018 at 7:27 pm

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MPI, the worldwide leader in wax-room equipment drew a substantial crowd at this year’s ICI Technical Conference and Exposition in Kansas City, Missouri. MPI demonstrated how it took the concept of ‘ROI’ beyond its traditional meaning to include among other things ‘Revolutionizing Our Industry.’ This was the springboard for several exciting new announcements at MPI.

Mark Haas, VP Global Sales and Service

“We came to this year’s conference with a lot to talk about”, said Mark Haas, VP Global Sales and Service. “In addition to our industry-leading wax injectors, we’ve also been busy putting together a new refurbishment program, expanding our presence in Europe, and developing new equipment. Customers were very excited to learn what was new at MPI since last year’s conference.”

MPI has been installing and servicing machines in the field for over 46 years—machines built so well, they continue to perform and maintain their value all these years later. As a result, the introduction of MPI’s new refurbishment program was very well received at the conference. The MPI Refurbishment Center was created to restore legacy MPI equipment so that each piece performs the way it did when it was first purchased. This program is not only ideal for underperforming machines but also for nonfunctioning machines that don’t currently generate revenue. (learn more)

MPI also announced that it was expanding its international service offerings in Europe to augment the support our sales agent’s current supply. MPI will be establishing a Sales and Service Center based in the UK in 2019 which will feature a demonstration area complete with MPI state-of-the-art wax injectors where wax and die trials can be performed.

MPI also presented a revolutionary new way to meet the demand of the rapidly expanding $18 billion automotive turbocharger wheel industry. MPI engineers have developed the MPI 105T Automated Dual Turbo Wheel Wax Injector. The 105T is a completely new, fully automated two station injection machine with advanced robotic injection and part handling. The 105T incorporates MPI’s precision injection Smart Controls, creating the lowest cost solution for wax injected turbo wheels on the market. MPI demonstrated the 105T’s capabilities with a video at the conference. (watch now)

This year’s conference was extremely well attended and provided MPI with the opportunity to present its new products and services. MPI extends its gratitude to the Investment Casting Institute for putting on a great conference and to all the wonderful people that stopped by to learn more about MPI products and services.