MPI = ROI – Learn Why at Booth 506

Posted on September 10, 2018 at 4:40 pm

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MPI has become the worldwide leader and innovator of wax room solutions because they understand the importance of ROI. Purchasing capital equipment is an important investment in your business. And like all good investments, it should be evaluated based on anticipated ROI.

ROI is where MPI excels. Why? Because we understand that for a foundry to be successful, it needs to produce perfect castings at the lowest possible price. MPI realizes that you make money by shipping the highest possible number of top quality castings every day. As a result, everything we do and every piece of equipment MPI makes has that goal in mind. Now, MPI is taking the concept of ROI to a new level, beyond just the traditional Return On Investment meaning. MPI is Revolutionizing Our Industry. MPI customers Rely On Innovation. And, MPI customers depend on MPI to Reduce Operating Inefficiency.

MPI customers know that when they present their wax room challenges that limit their productivity and profitability, MPI will work relentlessly to find a solution. MPI customers rely on that. As an example, MPI developed its own fully operating wax room, the Technology Center, filled with semiautomatic, automatic, and fully automated wax room equipment so its customers could experience what can be done with innovation. Customers collaborate with MPI and participate in innovating new solutions in a working environment without affecting production in their own wax rooms.

Another example of revolutionary innovation is MPI’s recent introduction of a completely new way to meet the demand of the rapidly expanding $18 billion automotive turbocharger wheel industry. MPI engineers went to work developing the MPI 105T Automated Dual Turbo Wheel Wax Injector, a completely new fully automated two station injection machine with advanced robotic injection and part handling.

MPI is regularly invited to customer sites to tour their wax room facilities, walk their processes, and advise on how they can reduce operating inefficiencies. In almost every case, MPI will offer multiple suggestions on how to reduce scrap, increase throughput, and produce higher yields, all of which boost productivity and profitability. Many times the customer can do all of this even without purchasing any new equipment, but when equipment is needed, MPI stands ready to fill the need.

MPI believes the most credible way for them to demonstrate the benefits of their equipment (and ROI) is by sharing customer experiences. MPI invites you to visit the MPI = ROI section of their website to read their customer testimonials and the many case studies that are available. Please stop by booth 506 to meet the MPI team and discuss your wax room challenges and how MPI can help you achieve a better ROI.