MPI Team Develops Custom Ceramic Core Injector

Posted on June 7, 2017 at 4:21 pm

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Poughkeepsie, NY, June 5, 2017: MPI, the worldwide leader in wax-room equipment, has once again developed a custom solution for a customer with a unique challenge.

MPI was contacted by a customer in the aerospace industry regarding their need for a higher-pressure ceramic core injector. At the time, they were using a once-popular machine that was no longer in production. While they were mostly happy with the older machine, it was aging, and they were concerned about its longevity because it was becoming nearly impossible to maintain.

After visiting MPI, they were interested in obtaining a quote for a similar machine. After putting some design concepts into practice, MPI determined that replicating their existing machine would not allow them to accommodate the range of cores they needed to inject.

The customer then requested MPI to approach the project in a different way: they asked MPI to evaluate their specific needs and create a solution that would accomplish their goals without trying to replicate their current machine.

This is when things got interesting.

“MPI is at its best when it can innovate,” said Aaron Phipps, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We pride ourselves for being able to look at problems and then customize a solution that helps a client achieve their goal.”

MPI went to work designing, building, and testing a ceramic core injector that would meet their client’s needs. The customer visited MPI with their die and materials and ran successful tests, exceeding their expectations. The custom machine does not use slurry; it uses high-pressure granular ceramic feedstock. It was designed to inject well over 3,000 psi, offered a clamp force of up to 250 tons, and effectively process and control the granular ceramic feedstock.

The customer is thrilled with the results and equipment. Compared to their current process, MPI made cores faster, with better quality and at lower temperatures. They also had less scrap than they ever experienced with their current equipment. MPI is now receiving requests for quotes from other core manufacturers with similar requirements.

About MPI:

MPI is the worldwide leader and innovator of wax-room equipment featuring a broad range of wax-injection machines that generate higher casting yields with increased productivity and throughput. As the acknowledged leader in wax-room innovations, MPI has developed and introduced more systems and products than all its competition combined.

In addition to producing industry leading wax-injection systems, MPI offers total wax-room automation, from wax injection to wax assembly using integrated robotics technology. Automation also allows MPI to provide cost-effective pattern and assembly services that can be shipped directly to its customers. All MPI equipment is backed by a world-class customer service team featuring their Global Support Services program.