MPI Takes Center Stage at the 2017 ICI Technical Conference

Posted on October 23, 2017 at 6:55 pm

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Poughkeepsie, NY, October 18, 2017: MPI, the worldwide leader in wax-room equipment, took center stage at this year’s ICI Technical Conference and Equipment Expo in Covington, Kentucky. With one of the largest and most visually compelling booths at the show, MPI demonstrated the truth of this year’s theme, “MPI = ROI.”

“The ICI Equipment Expo is a great opportunity for us to not only demonstrate our industry-leading wax injectors but also to help customers understand what an incredible value our equipment is,” said Aaron Phipps, VP Manufacturing and Engineering. “No other machines on the market come close to generating the type of ROI that ours do. The show allows us to visit with customers and to help them understand what they can achieve.”

Activity at MPI’s booth was high throughout the conference, as customers showed great interest in seeing MPI’s 55 Series wax injector in action. The state-of-the-art machine injected parts for a unique MPI multi-tool, which were provided as gifts to customers visiting the booth.

Attendees were also invited to experience their latest innovations, including Smart Purge, Quick Change Die Clamping, hot swappable reservoirs and innovative platen and die cooling as well as versions of MPI’s HMI Smart Controls™ for both equipment and automation. Customers were guided through an interactive display allowed them to experience for themselves just how intuitive Smart Controls™ really are.

If the equipment didn’t lure you into the booth, the video presentation did. MPI played a dynamic video that demonstrated specifically why “MPI = ROI.” The video illustrated that MPI’s machines are the most sophisticated in the industry and generate higher casting yields, more patterns per hour, reduced scrap and increased productivity. They’re also the most reliable in the industry, which means higher system availability, lower maintenance costs and better performance—all of which leads to ROI.

“‘MPI = ROI’ was the perfect theme for this year’s show because ROI is where we excel,” said Bruce Phipps, President of MPI. “We understand that for a foundry to be successful, it needs to produce perfect castings at the lowest possible cost. Everything we do, every piece of equipment we make, has that goal in mind.”

MPI extends its gratitude to the Investment Casting Institute for putting on a great technical conference and to all the wonderful people that stopped by to learn more about MPI’s products and services.

2017 ICI Technical Conference 2017 ICI Technical Conference