MPI’s Dedicated Automation Team Makes Automation a Reality Today

Posted on July 6, 2016 at 1:26 pm

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POUGHKEEPSIE, NY, JULY 6, 2016: While many consider automation to be the future of the investment casting industry, MPI believes that the future is now. MPI currently has a dedicated automation team that includes an engineering manager, mechanical and control engineers, and manufacturing staff, all committed to automation solutions that can be implemented today.

MPI regularly fields inquiries from customers interested in learning how they can benefit from automation. Initially, MPI undertakes a discovery process to understand the customers’ existing process, key variables to control, parts that need to be made, and challenges they are facing. Customers can then visit the MPI Technology Center to observe automation first hand, or MPI personnel will visit the customers’ facilities to dig deeper into their entire process and to consider all the variables.

Because of the company’s depth of experience in automation, MPI has developed several proven standardized modules that help keep the cost of automation down. MPI can then customize secondary operations as needed to meet the customer’s specific needs.

However, successful automation requires more than just great equipment. MPI is dedicated to developing the best process solutions and putting its 40-plus years of process knowledge to work in every automation project it develops.

MPI’s goal is to simplify the control process and make it userfriendly for existing wax room personnel to operate. Many integrators are able to add a robot, but leave process control to the customer. Because of the company’s extensive process capabilities, MPI guarantees throughput, yield, and part quality in its automation projects.

MPI also provides proof of principle testing at its Technology Center to verify the efficacy of automation. This allows customers to see the results that can be achieved before making a commitment to automation.

After an extensive evaluation, MPI will provide a custom implementation plan that could include testing and development or may incorporate an existing automated module with slight modifications or additional customization.

Positive word of mouth from existing customers has made automation a big story. With the advancements the MPI automation team has made over the years, automation is now a viable solution for all foundries. That’s why MPI believes that automation is not the future—it’s here today.

For more information about MPI’s automation services, please contact our sales department at (845) 471-7630 or click here to send an email.

About MPI:
MPI is the worldwide leader and innovator of wax-room equipment, featuring a broad range of wax-injection machines that generate higher casting yields with increased productivity and throughput. As the acknowledged leader in wax-room innovations, MPI has developed and introduced more systems and products than all of its competitors combined.

In addition to producing industry-leading wax-injection systems, MPI offers total wax-room automation, from wax injection to wax assembly, using integrated robotics technology. Automation also allows MPI to cost-effectively provide pattern and assembly services, which can be shipped directly to customers. All MPI equipment is backed by a world-class customer service team featuring the Global Support Services program.