Dream Big at Booth #528/529

Posted on October 14, 2016 at 1:25 pm

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That is exactly what MPI is inviting you to do at this year’s annual ICI Technical Conference and Expo. While MPI continues to lead the investment casting industry with the most advanced wax- room equipment in the market, it’s our Technology Center that takes center stage this year. The MPI Technology Center offers a one-of-a-kind resource and an education on the limitless possibilities that can now be achieved in your wax room.

MPI has long been founded on its relentless commitment to constant improvement, problem solving, and innovation. The Technology Center embodies this culture. Over the past several years, customers and suppliers alike have traveled to MPI’s world headquarters in New York to take advantage of the Technology Center’s unique capabilities and the possibilities it offers.

Foundries have struggled for years with a variety of challenges that have prevented them from maximizing their productivity and profitability. Now they are discovering that the MPI Technology Center is a resource that can help them overcome these obstacles, no matter how insurmountable they may appear. The Technology Center was designed for three original purposes: collaboration, innovation, and experimentation. The Technology Center is a full- production wax room designed to collaborate with our customers to solve their problems and innovate new solutions. It is a safe environment that can function as a laboratory to develop new process.

The Technology Center allows customers to observe and experience a totally automated facility in full operation, including automated injection and automated assembly. The facility is equipped with a variety of MPI’s world-leading wax injectors of various models and configurations. It allows MPI to demonstrate the variation reduction and casting yield increases that can be achieved using the customers’ own waxes and dies. Customers are able to witness firsthand how automation reduces pattern-to-pattern variation, assembly-to-assembly variation and eliminates poor wax welds. This can all be done prior to making a capital investment and provides customers with a firm understanding in advance of the type of gains they can expect to achieve.

MPI customers are invited to bring their challenges and problems to us so that the issues can be solved efficiently without affecting production. After visiting the Technology Center, customers will leave with actionable knowledge and often with products ready to be seamlessly inserted into their process.

This just scratches the surface of the possible services available at the MPI Technology Center. Chances are good that MPI has either already developed a solution to your problem or can develop a cost-effective solution that’s right for you. The only way to find out is to visit booth #528/529. Dream Big!


About MPI:
MPI is the worldwide leader and innovator of wax-room equipment featuring a broad range of wax injection machines that generate higher casting yields with increased productivity and throughput. As the acknowledged leader in wax-room innovations, MPI has developed and introduced more systems and products than all of its competition combined.

In addition to producing industry leading wax injection systems, MPI offers total wax-room automation, from wax injection to wax assembly using integrated robotics technology. Automation also allows MPI to cost effectively provide pattern and assembly services which can be shipped directly to its customers. All MPI equipment is backed by a world-class customer service team featuring their Global Support Services program.